Restaurants and Food Related

Buying or Selling a Restaurant or Food Related Business can be the most rewarding experience of your life, both financially and emotionally. There is nothing like controlling your own destiny, deciding how hard and when you want to work that this type of business affords you. Unfortunately, buying or selling a business is one of the most risky ventures out there. Being uninformed is the biggest cause of disaster for both a Buyer and a Seller of a business. Our goal as your Agent is to help you reduce that risk by avoiding common mistakes business buyers and sellers make.

Using an experienced professional who has handled hundreds of similar transactions will potentially save you thousands in common mistakes as we, as your Agent, guide you through the transfer of business ownership.

We can assist you in avoiding these pitfalls and make this process much easier which will increase your odds of success. This could potentially save you thousands in costs, legal fees, transfer fees, royalties, taxes and more.

If you’re looking to open and build a profitable restaurant you’ll find the process here in Southern California to be lengthy and costly. I have numerous examples of clients spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and months and months of wasted time trying to open a restaurant from scratch. Health department, City planning, AQMD, OSHA, the list goes on. You could expect to spend at least $150,000 and 4 months for the bare bones version of something. Even buying a closed restaurant can be an issue. Most cities once you close will require you bring the location up to code. This could be months and big money. This is why I maintain buying an open restaurant and converting it just makes and will save you big money.

Here are just a few of the key areas we assist you with when buying or selling a business:

  • Our Purchase Agreements are designed to offer you the most beneficial language to protect you in the transaction. We’ll assist you in preparing all the necessary forms.

  • We work closely with specialized “Bulk Sale” escrow companies to assure all facets of the escrow are handled correctly.

  • We’re experts at negotiating with Landlords regarding lease transfers, extension or new leases.

  • If you’re buying a franchise, we will oversee the process of transferring or obtaining a new Franchise Agreement.

  • We’re extremely adept at working with local and state agencies to help you obtain all the necessary licenses and permits you need to operate the business.

Just a few commonly overlooked key issues when buying or selling a Restaurant or Food Related Business

  • All Buyers must pass a course on proper handling of food before they can buy the business

  • If the business has an alcohol license, it may take up to 60 days or more to transfer the license

  • Most Restaurants do not own some of their equipment

  • You not only have to pay personal property tax on your business assets, but you must also pay sales tax on the assets when you buy a business

  • When you sign a lease for your food business the Landlord may prevent you from opening another location

Rest assured there are many more issues that are not listed here that we will help you through. When you engage Bottomline Business Brokers to help you buy or sell a Restaurant or Food Related Business, you will find us to be extremely knowledgeable about the process of buying or selling your exact type of business.

These are just a few of the different Restaurants/Food Related businesses we’ve sold:

    • Bars and Night Clubs

    • Fast Casual/Quick Serve

    • Commercial Catering Kitchens

    • Food Manufacturing/Wholesale

    • Bakeries/Pastry Shops

    • Fine Dining

    • Ice Cream/Yogurt/Dessert Businesses

    • Free Standing Restaurants with Real Estate

    • Food Concession Businesses

    • Banquet Facilities

    • Franchise Restaurants

    • Small Local Chain Restaurants


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