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Erik Records

Erik Records

License No
BRE 01163105
(949) 444-3863
I specialize in working with small-to-medium sized business owners.  Hearing their stories and learning how they’ve succeeded in different types of businesses intrigues me.  It’s great to hear success stories with unique business models!
Sales Highlights
In a former life I was involved with buy-side M&A transactions.  My favorite war story is the project that I worked on involving contract guard companies.  After investing two years in the deal, I was advised internally to abandon the project.  I persevered, continuing to work with the management team and the private equity group to find companies to purchase.  

After five years of hard work, we closed on three transactions and built the largest privately held contract guard company in the nation with combined sales of over $300M……Allied Universal.  The company has since been acquired twice and now generates over $4B in annual sales.  I occasionally spot their vehicles driving around town, and it brings a huge smile to my face! The moral of the story? Never Give Up (a wrestler’s mentality)!!!
Credentials }
  • Agent at BottomLine Business Brokers
  • Ran buy-side M&A for 20+ years with numerous corporate acquirers and private equity groups
  • VP of Mergers for Gallagher, one of the largest insurance brokers in the world
  • CA Department of Real Estate Licensee since 1993
  • MBA Pepperdine University
  • B.S. Finance, Real Estate & Law Cal Poly Pomona
  • Experienced  start-up entrepreneur: Buttonwood Capital, Myers Capital Partners, and Guaranteed Painting & Construction (now a Home Depot company)
Professional Bio }
Transactional work is my passion.  I did a successful stint in the buttoned-up corporate world four years (Gallgher NYSE: AJG) and closed five transactions, but the lifestyle didn’t resonate with me.   Joining BottomLine got my transactional juices flowing again. Their management team, leading-edge technology, and their values and approach to every deal align with who I am.  I enjoy working with business owners to help them achieve their objectives.

I have closed transactions in numerous industries including:  rubber and plastic molding, grocery stores, fitness clubs, ball bearings, automotive aftermarket parts, contract guards, printed circuit boards, graphic overlays, janitorial service providers, insurance brokers to name a few.  Each industry was an opportunity for a new education which always excites me.  I enjoy learning which is why I went back and got my Executive MBA from Pepperdine.  Working full-time while getting your MBA is not easy, but was well worth it!

My broad based track record includes 50+ closed transactions with aggregate sales of over $1B.  I have worked with companies going public, drafted S-1s with attorneys and investment banks, spearheaded numerous buy-side strategies with public acquirors and private equity groups, developed complex financial models, built proprietary databases, performed due diligence, executed integration and have spoken to hundreds of business owners regarding the sale of their businesses.  I have had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest and most educated people in business.  And each day I wake up ready to add another chapter to the story.  Look forward to assisting others in achieving their business goals!!

I grew up in Orange County (Tustin), and am raising my two boys (15 and 14) here, who I have coached in a variety sports.  It is always nice to run into kids around town that still refer to me as "coach"!!
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Office: 14181 Yorba St. #210, Tustin, California 92780

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