It was that time of my life.  I was ready to be my own boss, so I went searching for a good business to purchase.  I called a local brokerage to get information on a few of their listings.

The experience was downright awful.  Their agent met me in a parking lot, driving a beat-up clunker. He insisted on touring each business at my side, without a moment of breathing room to observe or consider the opportunity.  We toured three businesses midday before returning to his office. Confidentiality, you ask?  He didn’t care!  He sat me down in the middle of the bullpen, looked at me and demanded “Which business will you be making an offer on?”  The sleaze in the air was tangible; this was worse than buying a used car!

I decided on the spot I could do better, and switched gears to selling businesses.  I believed if you were professional, honest, and fully disclosed to all Buyers everything you knew about the opportunity, everybody should be successful: Buyer, Seller, and Agent.
And a career grew into a company, based on core values of honesty and fair dealing.  BottomLine was formed 11 years later with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.  We were early adopters of technology in all its forms: contact managers to stay up-to-date with our Buyers and Sellers, email marketing for our new listings, and the Internet to share our opportunities with Buyers everywhere.

We’ve had some crazy deals over the years, a roller coaster of memories.  One of our agents had to breakup a fight (yes, actually physically separate a Buyer and Seller) in a pizza restaurant.  Another time, a Seller passed away mid-transaction, and we completed the sale with his heirs.  Oftentimes we’re helping hard-working owners ride off into the sunset of retirement; sometimes we’re rescuing Sellers who are in trouble (even if the business isn’t!) and need an exit.
Times they are a-changin', but at BottomLine, we’re as professional today as we were Day One.  We have deep experience handling a wide variety of transactions, and a reputation for satisfied Buyers and Sellers.

Our industry has shifted from a brokerage to a service business.  The successful companies made the shift, have stellar reputations, and live good core values every day.  

At BottomLine, our agents are key to our success, and we select them with care.  They must have the experience and insight to recognize potential roadblocks in the deal, the resourcefulness to overcome them, and empathy for both Buyer and Seller as they work through one the most stressful transactions of their lives.

Technology is another key to our success, and continues to enhance each and every deal.  While the tech can’t replace our experience, we use it to prepare information on opportunities for sale, execute fast and effective deal processes, and advertise to demanding modern Buyers.
It's All About Our People

BottomLine combines our core values of professionalism, transparency, and cooperation amongst professionals with the best competitive advantages of modern technology to provide the best experience for each and every client. Our team's fierce dedication and deep expertise have made us Southern California's top business brokers. Check out these talented professionals, simply waiting to assist you!

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