In the Business? Then you know the Grind!

Another day at the office.  Receive yet another tire-kicking inquiry from that listings website.  Answer the email, then wait for a response that never arrives.  Twiddle your thumbs.  Spend hours doing Offer paperwork, only to discover the Seller completed it wrong; you must start again, delaying due diligence yet another week.  Answer more marketing package requests from leads that don’t pan out.  Check Non-Disclosures and Listing Agreements for proper signatures.  Busywork, Busywork, Wastedwork.
Maybe you’re the only business or commercial Agent at the office, or working exclusively out of your home, isolated, without the camaraderie of like-minded professionals.  You’re frustrated that deals don’t close smoothly, and there is a lack of support and guidance… because your current agency really doesn’t focus on these types of deals.  Oftentimes the issue is financial: your current split is simply inequitable.  You could substantially boost your income if you could just get out of the office, actively market yourself, and hunt down new leads.  Who has time for that?  There is high priority busywork to do!
Maybe the problem isn’t the grind, but the company you’re grinding at....there is a better way.  At BottomLine Business Brokers, we too were tired of doing deals like this.  We wanted to vastly improve the day-to-day reality of the Agent experience.  An Agent’s time is their most valuable resource, and it's feast or famine based on how effectively they use it.  In fact, our firm’s mission is to provide our Agents every time-saving tool available, do deals fairly for all parties, and service clients professionally and responsibly.

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is the Place To Be

BottomLine is the Place To Be

So, we set about the business of building a different type of agency:

First and foremost, we applied cutting-edge technologies to our deal process. This gives our Agents a competitive advantage, eliminates much of the busy work, and frees them to focus on their true task of closing more deals.

We built a company where our critical mass and industry reputation open up exclusive opportunities to list additional businesses.

We don’t wait for listings websites to dole out one lead at a time. They’re useful, but at BottomLine, we take marketing to the next level. Over 50% of our Buyers come from our massive internal 18-years-in-the-making database of qualified prospective Buyers and Sellers. These clients have relied on us for years to provide them only the highest quality listings.

We value our values: We believe that acting in the best interests of our Buyers and Sellers brings us long-term success. BottomLine has a reputation of doing each and every deal with integrity and honesty.



Interested? Fabulous, we’d love to speak with you. Fill out the contact form. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Prior Experience: Sorry, this can’t be your first rodeo.
  • Specialty: Whether you focus on selling a particular type of business, or have a specialty skill (technology, business valuation, finance, escrow, etc.), we’d love to see what’s in your bag of tricks.
  • Owned and operated a business before? Terrific; this is a huge plus. It’s a big advantage to KNOW what your clients are feeling.
  • You must be technology savvy, or at the very least technology-willing. It’s our lifeblood.
  • Be a cooperative, team player. Cliché, you say? Perhaps, but required anyway.
  • Good deal habits: attention to detail, priority on confidentiality, and putting your client's best interests first ... every time.
  • Possess a good work ethic….we’re swamped!



We serve

Southern California!

Southern California is massive; it's a big part of the world's 6th largest economy. Between our people and our technology, we cover every inch of it.

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